C1fApp, your Open Source Cyber intelligence threat feeds

C1fApp is a threat feed aggregation application, providing a single feed, both Open Source and private

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One feed

Incorporating threat intelligence from threat feeds to your security operations provides enhanced security operations and maximizes your ROSI investment.The problem is that there too many different feed sources and integration effort is increased to get it right. One feed, one format from a single provider!

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Actionable Intelligence?

Today's Cyber security operations are facing the challenge of classifying bening events from suspicious and taking appropriate action. Millions of events have to be evaluated by your security devices and usually results in high volume of false positives which significantly affect the value of your security investment.

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Easy to deploy

The problem with different feed sources is that they come in different formats, different content (IPs, URIs, URLs, MD5) and apply in different contexts. Retrieving the required feed for integration to your environment comes with a relevant management and integration cost. Having one feed service you get the benefits of ease of management and integration.

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Global Threat map Malware and Botnet

Showing global view of current threat feeds infrastructure and domains. Information on threat sources based on Geolocation and type

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Many feeds in different formats Not anymore!

Different sources provide different feed formats. With C1fApp you have one feed source incorporating similar feed types from both public and private sources. C1fApp is based on the CIF concept but with our own implementation which is faster, more flexible and enhanced!



Oh yeah, it's that good. Check it out!

There are many different sources for providing threat feeds. Each of different type and format. Instead of spending time to integrate such feeds in isolation you can now use this aggregation service to provide common integration with your security solutions


C1fApp Dashboard On demand!

The C1fApp dashboard provides your analysts with a simple to use and integrate dashboard where IP address and URIs can be queried for their threat status and history


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